National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia is a member of the following organizations.

·     International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

·     Asia-Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions

The Commission has been actively participating in the activities of Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions as its full member. The 10th annual meeting of Asia Pacific Forum was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2005 successfully.

Memoranda of understanding

We have been keeping sustainable cooperation with interantional and regional organizations, NHRIs, and government and non-government organizations

The Commission established a memorandum of understanding with NHRC of the Republic of Korea in 2009 aiming to protect Mongolian immigrant workers and Mongolian women married to foreigners.

Furthermore, domestically the Commission signed memoranda with the following organizations in order to expand cooperation with them and improve human rights education of their employees:

  • General Police Department
  • State Special Inspection Agency
  • General Staff of Armed Force
  • General Authority for Border Protection
  • General Court Decision Department
  • General Prosecutor’s Office
  • Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions



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